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Because, now, more than ever, thoughtful government matters. 

The summer I turned ten, I became an activist. I'd visited a neighbor, who was something of a mentor, and she told me that DuPont Corporation wanted to build a dam that would flood the forest where we lived. I loved that forest and I took joy in talking to folks while wearing the button "Save White Clay Creek. Don't Dam it." Today, much of that land is protected as the White Clay Creek Preserve. The experience ingrained in me a lifelong belief that together, we can prevail. 

Oil and gas development threatens our environment and the health and safety of our communities. We must continue to fight for local control.

I spent the first twenty five years of my career working for nonprofit environmental groups ranging from the nationally-respected Union of Concerned Scientists and League of Conservation Voters to the local Boulder Energy Conservation Center. I have a deep understanding of environmental issues, particularly in the energy arena. I’ve supported progressive energy causes for over 30 years, and I’m ready to address the oil and gas issues that Boulder County faces today.

The affordability issue threatens to overwhelm our community. The public and private sectors need to take a balanced approach that supports the self-reliance of working people.

I’ve long been committed to social justice issues. For the last sixteen years, I’ve been a single mother. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, experienced unemployment, and commuted long distances to work because I was unable to afford to live in the same community in which I worked. These experiences hold deep meaning for me and have fueled me in my work toward improving social determinants like housing affordability and living wage. I currently serve on the health equity team at Boulder County Public Health and champion a leadership team to address inequities. I would be a strong advocate for engaging in compassionate innovation within our community to create opportunity for all.

With the right approach, there are so many things we can be doing to lead from the local level. I hope you will vote for me and help me get the word out. 

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Managing the county, a big part of a commissioner's job.

Thoughtful government matters. In these difficult days, Boulder County must lead from the local level. Six years ago, Boulder County put me through its Leadership Academy and I realized I wanted to pursue a master’s in public administration. I will earn my degree from CU Denver this fall. Throughout that journey, my respect for the County’s leadership and accomplishments in so many areas has deepened. And, I have also seen opportunities to be better.

To be successful, you have to put vision together with management. In addition to earning an MPA, I've managed budgets up to $1.7 million and staff up to 1,100. I've worked for Boulder County for over thirteen years. As an Emergency Manager for Boulder County Public Health I have had the opportunity to develop relationships in pretty much every department, as well as an understanding of how the County works and how we all work together. 

Thoughtful Government Matters


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